Stories of people who have experienced homelessness

The Road I Call Home is a joint project of Gathering Friends for the Homeless and 7 Billion Ones and features the photography of highly noted, award winning portrait photographer artist, Randy Bacon.

The Road I Call Home's mission is to build a new awareness about our relationship to homelessness and to each other - to give a voice to the voiceless and begin a conversation that will be a powerful inspiration for people to get involved with efforts to help the homeless and alleviating the problem within communities across the nation. 

This project started in Springfield, Missouri in 2016 and continues to grow as we are now chronicling the portraits and stories of homeless individuals across the United States. To date, we have captured the portraits and stories of over 150 individuals that have experienced or are currently experiencing homelessness, and are continually adding to the exhibit and story archive.

The Road I Call Home large scale portrait exhibition features over 40 images and stories that travels nationwide, including Photo Con - Oklahoma City, OK,  Photo Expo South - Little Rock, AR, Springfield Art Museum (2019), Saybrook University Annual Conference - Monterey, CA, Missouri State University Art Gallery, Drury University's Pool Art Center, Evangel University, Mercy Hospital + many more.

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We strongly believe that every single life is valuable, that every person, every voice, every life counts, and we all matter equally. The homeless are marginalized individuals and communities that are often overlooked, feel forgotten, alone, unloved. This is an injustice and it is our job as fellow humans to seek truth, bring awareness and real, lasting change to the world, and to speak up for the voiceless.

With The Road I Call Home, you can read the heartfelt stories, experience the amazing portraits, and watch the corresponding short film about the beautiful individuals we call our homeless friends. It is our hope that you will see each person as the unique, loved, one-of-a-kind creation that they are, that you choose to treat the homeless with love and compassion, as you would others, and that you seek to make a difference in your community. If we all do this, big change will keep happening, people will join together, lives will change, and we can all be a part of making this earth we call home a peaceful, loving, beautiful place for all humankind. 

DONATE TODAY to be an important and necessary moving part of capturing the true lives of our friends on the streets, in all parts of the world, by donating. Every penny helps us continue to chronicle more stories and portraits and fund the framing and printing for the physical exhibit to expand and touch more lives.


CLICK HERE if you want to bring 'The Road I Call Home' project to YOUR community to feature the traveling exhibit in your area, and/or chronicle the stories and portraits of your homeless community.

Founder + Photographer Randy Bacon

Founder + Photographer Randy Bacon

Larissa, Movement Supporter, with William

Larissa, Movement Supporter, with William

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