Austen "Always By My Side"

Austen "Always By My Side"

Jody "The Light"

Jody "The Light"

Sheranne & Ross “Power of Perseverance”

Sheranne & Ross “Power of Perseverance”

Jennifer "My Acoustic Neuroma Journey"

Jennifer "My Acoustic Neuroma Journey"

Sandy and Brianna "Overwhelming Joy"

Sandy and Brianna "Overwhelming Joy"

Shawna "Silent No More"

Shawna "Silent No More"

Jennifer "The Pay-It-Forward Hero"

Jennifer "The Pay-It-Forward Hero"

Sergeant Bobby "The Oklahoma Standard"

Sergeant Bobby "The Oklahoma Standard"

Cindy "Love You Forever"

Cindy "Love You Forever"

Jeremiah's Story "My Dream is Unity"

Jeremiah "My Dream is Unity"

Ligia and Roy's Story "Always Hope"

Ligia and Roy "Always Hope"

A Voice for the Voiceless

A Voice for the Voiceless

DeDe's Story "Redefining Perfect"

DeDe "Redefining Perfect"

Caitlin "Never alone, Never afraid"

Caitlin "Never alone, Never afraid"

Kelly "Blindsided"

Kelly "Blindsided"

Janet "More Than Just A Number"

Janet 'More Than Just A Number'

Livvie "Nothing Short Of A Miracle"

Livvie "Nothing Short Of A Miracle"

Becky "Loved Without Measure"

Becky "Loved Without Measure"

"Wear The Shirts...Share The Movement"

Wear The Movement

Cameron and Zeke "Alone-Together"

Cameron and Zeke "Alone-Together"

Matt's Story "Come Back To Love"

Matt "Come Back To Love"

Tiffany's Story "Unanswered Prayers"

Tiffany "Unanswered Prayers"

Want to Help Us Change Lives- V2.jpg

"Help Us Change Lives"

Candice's Story "Piecing My Heart And My Head Back Together"

Candice "Piecing My Heart..."

Donnis' Story "All Back To The Smile"

Donnis "All Back To The Smile"

Ryan's story "Life is tough, Ryan is tougher"

Ryan "Life is tough, Ryan is tougher"

Mollie's Story "Faith Over Fear"

Mollie "Faith Over Fear"

Bonney and Brad's Story "Hopeless to Hopeful"

Bonney and Brad "Hopeless to Hopeful"

Lindsey's Story "You Are Stronger Than You Think"

Lindsey "You Are Stronger"

Katie, Mary and Liz's Story "Sister Survivors"

Katie, Mary & Liz's Story "Sister Survivors"

Shaelyn's Story "Warrior"

Shaelyn "Warrior"

Video "You Are One"

Video "You Are One"

Ashley's Story "She Deserves Better"

Ashley "She Deserves Better"

Elizabeth's Story "A Beautiful Journey"

Elizabeth "A Beautiful Journey"

Amelia's Story "Clean Slate"

Amelia "Clean Slate"

Kristi's Story "Heaven Gained a True Angel"

Kristi "Heaven Gained a True Angel"

Bryndi's Story "Don't Be Silent"

Bryndi "Don't Be Silent"

Dave's Story "En-Gage"

Dave "En-gage"

Hannah & Gage's Story "Love Him Unconditionally"

Hannah and Gage "Love Him Unconditionally"

Shonna's Story "Homelessness Doesn’t Discriminate"

Shonna "Homelessness Doesn’t Discriminate"

Megan's Story "Real Gifts Not Possessions"

Megan "Real Gifts Not Possessions"

Janice's Story "The Woman I Have Become"

Janice "The Woman I Have Become"

Amber's Story "My Barefaced Journey"

Amber "My Barefaced Journey"

Mike's Story "Armed With A Call"

Mike "Armed With A Call"

Erin's Story "Broken Yet Gracious"

Erin "Broken Yet Gracious"

Brie's Story “True Tales of an Angry Colon”

Brie “True Tales of an Angry Colon”

Sabrina's Story  "Mercy to Both"

Sabrina "Mercy to Both"

Melissa and Tanner's Story "Precious Bundle of Joy"

Melissa and Tanner "Precious Bundle of Joy"

Leigh's Story "The Color In My Life"

Leigh "The Color in My Life"

Tabetha’s Story "It’s What’s On the Inside"

Tabetha "It’s What’s On the Inside"

Chuck's Story "Borrow My Angel"

Chuck "Borrow My Angel"

Olivia's Story "Grace and Courage"

Olivia "Grace and Courage"

Danielle's Story "So I Hid"

Danielle "So I Hid"

Rachel's Story "Power In Our Choices"

Rachel "Power In Our Choices"

April's Story "I'm Not a Nobody"

April "I'm Not A Nobody"

Jackie's Story "Shackles Are No More"

Jackie "Shackles Are No More"


Linda "Perserverance"

Jeremy and Destiny's Story "An Unexpected Love Story"

Jeremy and Destiny "An Unexpected Love Story"

Jamie's Story "Redefine Success"

Jamie "Redefine Success"

Jenny's Story "Recognize and Acknowledge"

Jenny "Recognize and Acknowledge"

Crissy's Story "My Brother...Constantly Smiling"

Crissy "My Brother...Constantly Smiling"

Katie's Story "Moments of Greatness"

Katie "Moments of Greatness"

Kirsten's Story "Now An Expert"

Kirsten "Now An Expert"

Melody's Story "Be Kind. Smile. Love."

Melody "Be Kind. Smile. Love"

Clay's Story "I Accepted It As Me"

Clay "I Accepted It As Me"

Jaxon's Story "Hard Does Not Mean Unstoppable"

Jaxon "Unstoppable"

Katie's Story "Always Kept My Chin Up"

Katie "Kept My Chin Up"

Monisha's Story "Life Will Surprise You"

Monisha "Life Will Surprise You"

Darren's Story "Live Life To The Fullest"

Darren "Live Life To the Fullest"

Eli's Story "The Challenging Gift"

Eli "The Challenging Gift"

Jennie's Story "Homeless, Not Worthless"

Jennie's Story "Homeless, Not Worthless"

Aubren's Story "Fight For You"

Aubren "Fight For You"

Cindy's Story "We Shine Light"

Cindy "We Shine Light"

Stephenie and Daniel's Story "Being Selfless"

Stephenie and Daniel "Being Selfless"

Jaide's Story "She Burned With Passion"

Jaide "She Burned With Passion"

Coach Jeanne Calhoun's Story "Honored and Humbled"

Jeanne "Honored and Humbled"

Krista's Story - Chapter 4 "hope brings"

Krista's Story

William's Story "Live Every Day"

William "Live Every Day"

Katlyn's Story "If You Know the Story"

Katlyn "If You Know the Story"

Amy's Story - Chapter 2 "Share My Heart"

Amy's Story

Memphis and Margaret's Story "Memphis on a Mission"

Memphis and Margaret "Memphis on a Mission"

Ashley's Story "Consistency and Love"

Ashley "Consistency and Love"

Izy's Story "I'm Helping The World"

Izy "I'm Helping the World"

Sue's Story "Just Love!"

Sue "Just Love!"

Bailey's Story "Out of the Ashes"

Bailey "Out of the Ashes"

Robert's Story "The Addiction of Santa Clausdom"

Robert "The Addiction of Santal Clausdom"

Pastor Ellen "100 Years Young"

Pastor Ellen "100 Years Young"

Sharon's Story "Mournings and Miracles of Adoption"

Sharon "Mournings and Miracles"

Tommy's Story "Appreciate The Moments"

Tommy "Appreciate The Moments"

Preston's Story "Decades Apart but Dear Friends at Heart"

Preston "Decades Apart"

Brandi's Story "Don't Forget To Smile"

Brandi "Don't Forget To Smile"

Elizabeth and Peyton's Story "A Miraculous Plan"

Elizabeth and Peyton "A Miraculous Plan"

Beth's Story "Perfectly Imperfect"

Beth "Perfectly Imperfect"

Lanae's Story "Peace Amongst the Chaos"

Lanae "Peace Amongst the Chaos"

Yvonne and Tabitha's Story "His Miracles...Our Miracle"

Tabitha "His Miracles...Our Miracle"

Maranda's Story "Doug's and My Hope"

Maranda "Doug's and my Hope"

Jamie's Story "New York Second"

Jamie "New York Second"

James' Story "The Most Awesome Dream"

James "Most Awesome Dream"

Pop's Story "People Forget You are a Human Being"

Pops "People Forget You are a Human"

CoCo's Story "Three Years Ago CoCo"

CoCo "Three Years Ago CoCo"