Vailet's Story [Refuge]

"Because my husband was a pastor in Iran and all of the Bible studies were being held in our home, we had a lot of people who would attend who were from a Muslim background. It caused an issue with us, and one morning they took my husband away. We did not know where they were taking him when they came. My husband only took his Bible with him, a brand new one, with no notes in it. Two people came in and searched every inch of our house. I was left alone with my two children. After 15 days, my husband Joseph was finally able to call me. He said they had arrested him and he was in prison, and they had already judged him. During those 15 days, there was always someone outside our house, constantly watching our every move. They would always pay attention to who was coming and leaving. This was one of the reasons we fled Iran." 

Vailet's family stuck with their faith and a silver lining came out of the clouds: they moved to  Los Angeles and her husband was the lead pastor at a successful church - ironically the church become a home to hundreds of Iranians who fled Iran because of their faith.