Sue's Story "Just Love!"

Life is full of so many different circumstances, good one day and bad the next.  We must learn to deal with life day by day.

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My life changed in 1993.  I had a car wreck and suffered a traumatic brain injury. My parents had to take me and my two teenage children in for about five years.  We started our new life over with lots of help from family, friends and a great church family.  My daughter started running with some mixed up kids and since I was recovering, I had difficulty in helping her to make the best decisions.

Next, my mom passed away in 2003. She was my best friend and always knew what I needed before I did. In 2006, my grandson was born and he has lived with me his whole life.  He made me want to make life good for him, be the one constant thing in his life.  My daughter tried but it seemed that drugs and poor choices always interfered with her life as a mom so I was always there for him.  My granddaughter was born 2009 and I have had her since the beginning also. I also have a granddaughter who was born in 2014, but I could not raise another child thus bringing lots of heartache and hurt.  She was recently adopted and it is a true blessing.  The adoptive parents are a loving Christian family and involve us in her life.  A blessing from God!

randy bacon, 7 billion ones, adoption

My daughter has been homeless for six months but is now living with friends for the time being.   I have tried to help my daughter throughout the years but have had to step back because I also care for my 28-year-old son who never fully recovered after a stroke, seizure and head injury in 2013.

My daughter is now pregnant again.  My heart is heavy but I’m not able to do or give more of me without hurting my other grand kids that I’m raising.  There’s not enough hours in the day. I love my family and want to be there for all of them the best that I can be, but I also have to work.  I am a caregiver to help families with their loved ones and sometimes work hospice end of life care giving.  I love people and I love life and I am so blessed to have God in my daily life.  God is Good.  Thanks to the blessings and love of family when in need!

7 billion ones, randy bacon, adoption

The bottom line is we  get up each day and are blessed that we have that day because God is good. We can learn to love him and lean on him or we will struggle through it all! Remember to appreciate life no matter what it brings.  Love your family.  Love your friends. Just love!