Peace's Story [Overflow]

What would you change this year?

"Here's what I want to say: I think if you had asked me that question last year, I would have definitely had a list of things I wanted to do. This year, I think my concern is more of who I want to be. And so all of this year what the Lord has been showing me that he is seeing in my life is that he's setting confinements around me, so that when he fills me with knowledge, with wisdom, with words, with days - day by day, day by day - I'm coming to a place of overflow. But I'm not there yet. I'm getting there. And so, if he was to shorten my life to a year, and I don't get to the point where I get to pour out, or, at least, I don't get to see myself pour out, within this year alone, I've been able to fill up. And so what I would do this year is gather information. I would meet people, I'd build memories, and I would write it down. And I hate journaling, but I would discipline myself to write it down. Because this is all I get. And so my overflow may not be something I get to witness. It may not be something I get to sit down and talk to someone about or to be around and see their expression when they hear "Oh, Peace! You did it! I knew you could be the next Oprah!" It may never work out that way. But the overflow still happens. Because I would spend the entire year just learning to be.