Pati's Story "Slave To Shame"

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"Slavery refers to a condition in which individuals are owned by others who control where they live and what they do. Telling my story has truly been a gift and blessing from heaven for me  because I was once a slave to shame.  Being able to share the details of this shame and bring them into the light is surely the will of God, and has set me free!  As I looked at the photos on the 7 Billion Ones website for the first time…Joy CONSUMED me. I saw freedom in the eyes of the people in the portraits! Through the selfless act of this people empowering movement, people who have been silent for so long have the change to ONE by ONE release parts of themselves they had held on to. People in pain from health, mental, drug and just plain old life issues. 7 Billion Ones has allowed people to release and move on and grow in their walk of life. This is God’s will for this earth, which we be able to release the things that attempt to make us slaves. He says in John 15:15 “you are no longer slaves, you are my friends.” 7 Billion Ones is bigger and more vital than I think even the founders, Shannon and Randy Bacon, may even know. My heart found a new level of freedom, and t’s not just my story, it’s our story. We together show, we are not alone!!