Pastor Ellen "100 Years Young"


Video Transcription

"It is a real pleasure to be here, however it is a bit awesome to be in front of these lights and the camera, be it.

I did not come from an austere, wonderful background, I had my ups and the downs, but, for all that, there was something growing in me and it's the essential person that God created. Each one of us is a distinct masterpiece, and we just let ourselves be whoever God intended, it carries us on and on.

7 Billion Ones, Randy Bacon

Since I'm on my second centenium, centenary, centenrary...what is the word? (Laughing, film crew says, "Centennial"). Okay, since I'm there anyway, I find my expectations the same as years and years ago. As far as God is concerned, He is not a God of defeat. And so expect God, expect Him, and let Him do His great things. It's time, 100 years - you know Isaac was born after Abraham was 100 years old.

I believe God waits to pour into the youth of our day. It's beyond going to school, it's beyond copying someone else. It's an individual experience. I love them, my heart is with them,  I believe God for them.  

When I was a young person, and I was young once, I had a vision of God's greatness and His desires to come through to anyone who would hunger. I was looking out the window with this in my mind, and a pastor said to me, 'Don't fly too high Ellen.' I rejected that and I have been flying high ever since. And I mean, set your vision above. Expect great things in yourself in God."