Omari "No Place Like Home"

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I’m from Fairbanks, Alaska - I don’t think I ever appreciated it like I should until I left. Now it’s like “there’s no place like home”. I’ll make it back sometime - almost all of my family is back home in Alaska. I haven’t seen them since March of 2001.

The first time I came to Springfield, Missouri was in 2004. I’ve left and then come back, and then left and come back. I have been homeless off and on - a lot my homelessness stems from being locked up and getting out with nothing and it’s sort of my lack of motivation to gain anything back. Sort of where I’m at.

I think a lot of the people that I invite into my life don’t always have the positive vibes that I need. That’s one of the things I’m working with. I used to look down on homeless people, but, being there? I think there are a lot of good people that just need a chance. You know, and not everybody is given that chance. I feel so fortunate, in my life, to have an advocate that is really trying to help me. Her name is Robin. I think I’d been a fool not to grasp onto it and take advantage of it. I just love being able to be free with Robin. With a lot of people in my life, it seems like there’s an expectation - a right way and a wrong way to respond. With Miss Robin, I’m just free and I can speak what’s on my mind without judgement. And I love it.

I can share my dreams - I am an artist. I love art. My dream to have my art in a gallery sometime.

(Story chronicled in 2016)