Nicolle and Baby Q "Where are They Now"

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Baby Q's mother Nicolle shared their heart wrenching yet positively beautiful story with us on November 26, 2015. Where are they now? Nicolle says, "Drum roll please.....Q was accepted into the special needs school I really wanted her to go to! She barely overqualified for motor skills, but her speech is severely affected by her cleft palate and that got her a spot in school! She was much above average in the social skills department at the 98 percentile, and I'm sure anyone who has met her can agree she's quite social!
We are so excited for this opportunity for her. A special bus equipped with a nurse will pick her up and drop her off and she will carry a baby sized oxygen tank on her back while she plays and learns. (She picked out her own outfit for this special occasion!) 

As far as a health update, her echo hasn't gotten any better or any worse, her pulmonary pressures are still high (57 for my other pulmonary hypertension mamas who are curious, better than 110 two years ago). Her cardiologist says it's good considering how bad off she was doing. Her chest still sounds like a "washing machine" when he listens to her. We will probably send her for cardiac cath number nine over the summer to dilate her right pulmonary arteries again and to dilate her stent. We can now take her off the oxygen four hours a day, which is great because now that she knows the feeling of freedom, she refuses to wear it!"