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Seven Billion What?

Simply put, 7 Billion One's vision is to change the world - through people and their stories. As an ongoing movement we exist to document and share stories to connect and empower people.

So 7 Billion What? Seven billion one-of-a-kind creations call this planet home -- each of these "ones" being important, with a story that counts.Yet, the sad truth is that as humans, as the "ones", we easily can get lost in the bigness of the world -- the seven billion people. Humans lose sight that we each matter and have a unique, compelling, and inspiring story that needs to be told AND shared with the world.

Why is it important that we tell and share stories of the "ones"? Because people's stories heal, change and empower other humans (including the storyteller). Through the transformation power of stories, the "ones" can then positively impact the "billions" - people will be enabled to more freely live life and fulfill their innate purposes to make this world a better place to live.

To accomplish our vision, the movement is fully dedicated to using the art of photography, motion films, and written word to present people's unique stories in an artful, impacting form, so that human transformation occurs exponentially. Our story movement reaches the masses via sharing and connecting people through the enormous power of the world wide web - our dedicated 7 Billion Ones website and social media. In addition, 7 Billion Ones sponsors and presents a variety of humanitarian, outreach events to bring change face-to-face within communities - locally, nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, we realize 7 Billion Ones cannot change the world alone. Therefore, a crucial component of the movement is partnering with other non-profit and humanitarian organizations to tell their unique stories, including the special people they are serving. Through these humanitarian partnerships, we aim to proactively assist these game-changers to more powerfully and effectively connect with their audience and present their mission -- helping them to build a stronger network of advocates and ultimately elicit positive change within the world.

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The movement:


Whether you’re tall, short, slender, oversized, sick, or in remission: You matter. Whether you’re black or white or any color in between: You matter. Whether you’re a proud mother, a tired father, a sister dealing with depression, or a brother afraid of the future: You matter.

In case you haven't gotten it yet, you matter. You must realize that. If you haven’t realized that yet, let us show you the ways. When you look in the mirror, you may see baggy eyes, wrinkles, grey hair. But when we look at you, we see something unique. Something beautiful. Those wrinkles tell stories that are yours alone, but those stories have the power to affect others’ lives.

Now, once you understand--fully and truly--that you matter, it is your responsibility to take the time to show others how they matter.

If a story goes untold, the world can never benefit from the lessons to be learned from it. The beauty to be shown from it. The thoughts to be gleaned from it. This concept goes for your life, too, because your story counts, and others are counting on you to tell it.

Sharing your story with others has power, as it inspires them to live their own story worth sharing. Your story counts. Let us help you tell it.

Founder + Head Photographer Randy Bacon with some of our beloved street friends and storytellers.

Founder + Head Photographer Randy Bacon with some of our beloved street friends and storytellers.