Melody "Love"

"Please, will you take a photo of me for my man?  I want him to see me on the internet so he will know just how much I love him."  

I'm so depressed, I can't help but cry. All I want to do is sleep all day.  My boyfriend has been in the hospital and I'm on the streets all alone. His name is "Little Randy" and I am not allowed to go and see him and I am not sure why.  But I want him to know just how much I miss him.

Yeah, I am homeless, but I am a good person and I want people to know this. I know I drink too much and I have a problem with it. But I really want what most everyone else does.  I want to get married and have a house - to have a life. I have dreams.  When I was little girl I dreamed of being in the Navy and traveling the world just like my dad.  Dad was verbally abusive to me, but taught me some things.  One thing my dad taught me from being in the Navy is to never be defeated - I'm not going to give up on life."