Lisa's Story "Today"

Sometimes things happen in the "today's" that affect our tomorrow.  It's important to remember that though today affects tomorrow, today is still here for a reason. So in these moments, these today's we are blessed with, we must cherish them and make the most of the time we have. In the here, in the now. In the "today."

Short Film Narration

"Today is February 13 (2015). It is my oldest son's birthday. He would have been 25 today."

Lisa's son, Tory, died in a car accident driving home for Christmas. He was 23 and in the Navy studying to be a doctor. Not long before this, Lisa's mother passed away. We filmed this interview on what would have been Tory's 25th birthday.

"We all go through different losses. We can lose a parent, a child...I have lost my mom and my son, so it is different. And those visions and plans and future things in our mind, like graduations and marriages and having babies - some of those things may not look the same as we are going along. And it is good to make plans, but not just to focus on those all of the time."

Lisa Krueger Today 7 billion ones Randy Bacon photography

"I believe God did that when he was creating the universe. He thought it all through and made a plan, but then He had to go back to what to do today and what to do tomorrow. We just got to focus on today. What we are doing right now. Today.

God still has a good and prosperous future for me planned, even though it is maybe not gonna look the same as I originally thought."