Kevin and Petra's Story "(I will not)Abandon You" --- Short Film

Film Narration

Petra: Everyday (chuckling).

Kevin: We're together everyday 24/7 and you know sometimes she gets mad because I don't ask her what she wants to do today, because it doesn't matter - "We gotta do what I gotta do." It took me a while to figure her out and I love her alot.  And I'm gonna continue to love her as long as she lets me. I hope to get her off the street, as well as myself...I know I can do it.

Petra: I just gave up on myself for a while. I'm tired of being like this, homeless, and people looking down at me.

Kevin: I'm worried more about her safety than mine. I'm sure it is a lot harder on her. Yeah she gets scared when it is thundering and lightning. But when it gets cold, I have to watch out for her to make sure she stays warm, you know.

Kevin: It's pretty hard to get a job, if you don't have an address for one.  Two, if you are homeless, you know they're going to tear your application up, throw it away as soon as you walk out the door, or tell you 'no', we're not hiring. So you know you are kinda facing a lot of different angles there.

Kevin: Well, yeah, when I was younger I dreamed of buying my own home and just relaxing wherever I could afford it. But I'm 51-years-old and I don't have anything yet.  I don't see anything in the near future as to being able to afford to buy a home or maybe a lifetime career...that's kinda out now.

Kevin: Like I know there is more to life than this.  And showing her the difference between having a person that cares and I one that doesn't has been kinda rough on me.

Kevin: Just putting God's really hard out here, but once you get stable it's pretty simple. Well, a lot of times waking up every morning knowing you're still homeless, jobless. And you think, 'why did God let me do this?' When He's really not the whole, sole reason you're homeless or jobless. But putting God first in your life, there's a lot of times something's happening and you're like 'What do I do God'? You know, you either wait on the answer or something good happens. It's like one day I said, 'I need some money', and I just believed he heard me.  Within 20 minutes somebody handed me some money. He said, 'I don't know why, but God told me to give you this.' I know God must have heard me.

Kevin: What do I think of the word love? Being together. Dealing with each other's issues. Looking forward to something in life other than where you are at. Making a change on a lot of the situations you put yourself in. Trying not to make the same mistakes over and over together. Talk about things, whether than argue. Try to deal with situations, like separation is not a good thing when you love each other.

Petra:  Being together with somebody. Having a lot of faith in somebody. Being close to somebody.  Just being there for somebody. Loving somebody, being with who you are with. Yeah, I feel loved.

Kevin: We know what we need to do to get ourselves out of this situation. We might not have everything we want right away, but eventually we won't be here in the woods in a tent. Cause we know we don't belong in a place like this.  But with the economy and no jobs, it's kinda rough.  So this is what we have to resort to until we get things together.  

Kevin: Happy is waking up every morning knowing that the day may be less stressful. Learning how to deal with stress and trying to stay happy at the same time doesn't really work. So if things look bad you try to figure out a way around, like not being angry with one another, getting the stuff we need for the day - like food, clothing we might need for the night.

Petra:  Happy is waking up every morning knowing that God has a plan for you today.  And, uh...I don't know, happy is good.  It's all good.

Kevin:  Knowing I'm still alive and breathing and knowing that He has a plan that being able to come back here and have a place to lay down and get covered up and stay warm if it gets really cold.  Happy to have what I have.

Kevin:  My dream is one day I know I'll be able to sit back and laugh at this. And be able to maybe tell people around me in my life and the future as to really how hard it would be to live like this. And maybe help somebody that's doing really bad, that wants to live like this, help them get out or at least show them how to get out. Or prepare them in case they do end up here.  That's kinda a dream to me.

This film is dedicated to the memory of PETRA HENSLER who tragically passed away January 30, 2016 from injuries sustained after being hit by a vehicle as she crossed a street with Kevin. You will forever be in our hearts.