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Brought to you by Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City and Randy Bacon Photography with 7 Billion Ones.

Introduction to the project:

We realize that there are countless stories of people living with Down syndrome that are never told, so many beautiful people and lives that have yet to be shared with the world from their own perspective...raw, authentic, honest and inspiring individuals who have an important voice in this world, and it’s our mission to help share those stories.

This major project with corresponding portrait art exhibit, will include 17 large-scale portrait artworks, stories and short films of individuals with Down syndrome, with the mission of using artistic portraiture to present untold, heartfelt stories told by the perspective of people who are living their life, who also happen to have Down syndrome. We believe in the importance of focusing on the individual, not their disability. We see the necessity and beauty in sharing stories that embody as diverse and inclusive population of storytellers as possible.

Anticipated release for this project is for October, 2019 (Down Syndrome Awareness Month), with opening exhibitions in Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri. After the initial openings, the exhibition and short film series will travel across the nation to a multitude of venues and community events. In addition, the power of the world wide web will be used to take the project to as many people as possible around the world.

Photography by    Randy Bacon

Photography by Randy Bacon

**Applying Participants:

If you or someone you know is interested in sharing their story, from the perspective of the individual living with Down syndrome, or you would like to assist in telling the story of a loved one who may need communication assistance, we encourage you to explore the stories of people from all walks of life, featured here on 7 Billion Ones, to get a good feel for the culture and artistic direction of this project. Then if you feel you or someone you know may be a good fit, please apply through the form below, and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you for desiring to be a part of a project that we hope to empower and bring hope to people all over the world through.

**We are aiming to capture stories of people who live or in within traveling distance of Springfield and Columbia Missouri, and Kansas City, and Northwest Arkansas regions. If you live outside of these areas but are still interested in participating in this project, please still consider applying, as we may be able to travel.

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Photography by    Randy Bacon

Photography by Randy Bacon

About 7 Billion Ones and Randy Bacon

Randy Bacon is an American photographer and filmmaker with an extensive history in humanitarian, portrait, commercial, editorial and documentary work. Randy is also Founder of and Creative Director for the nonprofit people empowering story movement, 7 Billion Ones. At the core of Randy’s photography is the ability to present emotive visual stories with an underlying sense of narrative. His unique style reflects elements of influential film noir and old masters in painting and photography.

As a non-profit story movement (founded by Photographer and Artist Randy Bacon) 7 Billion Ones has a vision to change the world - through people and their stories. ‘7 Billion Ones’ - because there are over seven billion one-of-a-kind humans that call this planet home, and each of them has a story to tell. To accomplish our vision, the movement is fully dedicated to using the art of photography, motion films, and written word to present people's unique stories in an artful, impacting form, so that human transformation occurs exponentially. We realize that 7 Billion Ones cannot change the world alone. That is why we partner with organizations such as Down Syndrome Guild (of Kansas City), to help tell the unique stories of the people they serve.