Jill, Ezra and Linnea's Story "Embrace Goodness"


I was listening to the song "Again" by a band called Youth Lagoon and it is an in-your-face reminder that the endless tasks and activities of each day can overshadow the fragile, precious nature of life and living it fully. In the end, we can take life for granted.  

"And we eat again, and we shower again, and we dress again, and we clean again, and we drive again, and we walk again, and computer again, and computer again, and we feel again then it's all gone again. And we kiss again, and we sleep again, and computer again, and computer again, and we fight again then make-up again, and we work again, and we make a friend, will we meet again? And we shop again and computer again, and computer again and we feel again then it's gone again." - (lyrics by Trevor Powers, Youth Lagoon)

Jill, Ezra and Linnea lost their husband and father, Gary, unexpectedly from a bacterial infection. He passed so suddenly that Ezra and Linnea did not get an opportunity to say goodbye to their daddy.  These are their encouraging, insightful words about their journey since that lifechanging day - about living with the understanding of life's fragility and preciousness. 

Fike Family 1

"The saddest day of our lives was January 2, 2014, when our dear husband and daddy, Gary Fike, died suddenly.  Our hearts were broken and so many of our dreams died with him that day.  Our lives would never be the same.  But we have come a long way in the past year-and-a-half in healing and adjusting to our new lives.  Of course, things will never be the same, and we will always miss Gary every day and every minute, but we also have hope, peace, and joy that come only from knowing our Lord Jesus Christ and from being aware of God’s blessings to us.  We purposely look for these blessings, and we find them. We also hope to inspire and encourage others who are dealing with loss by sharing our story of hope.  We purposely choose to believe and hope and embrace the goodness in our lives and let it live alongside our sadness." (Jill, Ezra and Linnea)

Fike Family 2

At 7 Billion Ones, part of our mission is to partner with organizations that are making a real, positive impact on people and this world - we want to tell their story.

Upon Gary's death, Jill, Ezra and Linnea reached out to Lost and Found Grief Center for help. Lost and Found provides grief support services, AT NO CHARGE, in a safe and supportive environment for children, young adults, and their families grieving the death of a loved one.  Jill states, "Looking at our journey since January 2014, Lost and Found is one of the good things in our lives and is so important to our continual healing process."

For more information on Lost and Found Grief Center, www.lostandfoundozarks.com/