James' Story "The Most Awesome Dream"

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My dream is to have a little house and a wife. When I  would come home from work she would give me a kiss and I would see how the kids are doing and play with them.  Then, we would all watch TV, maybe read a book and we would help them with their homework.  My dream is to kiss my kids goodnight and put them to bed.  Then I would chase my wife around the house a little bit. That would be my dream. That would be the most awesome dream.

I want people to know that I’m a nice guy, so don't be afraid to say hello.  I’m from a little town where people said hello all the time, where people knew each other.  They knew what you were doing before you did it. They knew exactly when your bedtime was, that type deal.  I love that.

I’ve been homeless off and on for about six years. I always had a place to live, always worked hard.  You never know when you’re going to fall down, become homeless.  You are only one paycheck from becoming homeless.  You can watch it come and you can watch it go faster than it came in.  It’s sad to say, but it’s true.  Nobody’s ever permanent in their home. It’s just a sad thing to see.  Just like when the banks were taking over houses. It’s just the way life is.

The hardest thing about it is having a place to lay your head. Not having that special someone right next to you.  I still have hope. Hope is the only thing you have.

James' story is part of the significant project "The Road I Call Home" which aims to bring new awareness, action, resources and love to the many, many special homeless people that call the road their home. It features over 45 individuals and includes an art exhibition of portraits, written stories, short-films and a planned future release of a corresponding coffee table art book. The project is in partnership with Gathering Friends for the Homeless.
The Opening Reception for The Road I Call Home --- October 7, from 6 to 10 PM

The Opening Reception for The Road I Call Home --- October 7, from 6 to 10 PM