Holly's Story "Simplicity"

NOTE: Read Holly's Story "Radiant" here.

"None of it is easy. But you can choose. I will admit that I got lost for a while as I became an adult. There were trials of finding my own way and figuring out how to survive in the outside world with so much hidden pain and thoughts that were on repeat inside my head on a daily basis. I ran fast!  I climbed the corporate ladder and was one step away from approaching the top, but it came with a price. My marriage was almost over, my kids missed their mom, my health had deteriorated and friendships faded away. I let my job own me."

"So I quit. I chose to leave the corporate world and went to work in a place where I could be just as successful supporting my family, but without all of the stress. My marriage is alive again, friendships have become healthy, and I am healthier mentally and physically. Now, I get to meet some of the greatest people on a daily basis, and I am so touched by their life stories that I now make time to listen too."

"Simply stated, God brought me back to the place where I found sanity at 6 years old after losing my mother and my father. I truly believe that no matter what has happened in my life, that God and simplicity are the answer. I have learned that I can tame the painful thoughts of my past and turn them into a beautiful story that inspires others to keep going, and that we should never be a victim of other's actions. Including my father actions of choosing to kill my beautiful mother."

"We all have so much love inside to give to the world and we can’t do it if we are drowning in our worries, fears, and pain. Choose to love, and you will radiate and touch lives all around you, including your own."

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