Heidi "Where Is She Now"

Where Are They Now - Heidi Small.jpg

So where is Heidi now? We received an amazing update from Heidi this week. You may remember, we posted her story on Mother's Day this year about her very difficult struggle with drug addiction which led to a divorce she did not want. Then, her two sons were taken away from her when she went to rehab. Well Heidi contacted us and said she is healing and moving on in a positive direction. She says, "I can officially say I am back in the saddle again! I have my boys back and I accepted a position as a stylist at a great local salon...even though I swore long ago I would never do hair again, I have a newfound love for it. God's got a funny sense of humor that way! What's amazing is I finished my first week, which was awesome, and realized I actually had forgotten how much I love making people beautiful!  Thinking about my story, I learned many things. I would say to you, don't give up! Just be 'you' because life is too short to be anyone else. Reality, authenticity, and being just exactly how God made you....unique and special for a particular plan and purpose. Don't ruin that by trying to 'fit in' or be in the inner sanctum of circles. Just be you and know that beauty comes in all different ways."