Heather's Story "Silver Lining"

What do you do when you suddenly become the primary caretaker to your mom and dad who both are diagnosed with terminal cancer? "Writing my parents eulogies at age 25 was something I couldn't have imagined, but you only have victory when there is a challenge," says Heather. Read about her silver lining below:

7 Billion Ones Heather Borcher

"First my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. Then, just a year and a half after she had colon surgery, my dad went to the ER with pain - he was told he had a very large tumor engulfing his kidney. Over the course of six years they each had six surgeries. My mom's last liver surgery was aborted due to the progression of the disease.

The last two years have been unimaginable. We moved my mom and dad, sold all of their things, and they moved into my house as they finished their races. Unfortunately, my mom passed away in October and only four months later, my dad then passed in February. Writing my parents eulogies at age 25 was something I couldn't ever have imagined. The struggle is real as I now face life without them, and, looking back, caring for them was the biggest privilege I could ever have.

7 Billion Ones Heather Borcher 2

In all honesty though, it's been more difficult in these last two months than the first 10. Most days I feel like the light is just barely there. Knowing that I get to see them again is something I can't even express my excitement for because their relationship I had with them is something only God could have blessed me with. I loved just being with them and doing things with them as friends. Emotionally and spiritually, it has been difficult.  I don't understand it but I am thankful they aren't suffering. They got so bad towards the end all we really prayed for was God to be merciful and take them.

It's so interesting to me that the feeling of being alone and orphaned is most days what I feel, but It has given me a new perspective. I still believe God has a plan, he is sovereign and he is the ultimate truth. My tears, fears and questions aren't a surprise to Him. God doesn't waste your pain. Don't blame Him. He allowed it but He didn't cause it. It is hard to find the silver lining but that's exactly what I want my silver lining to be to everyone who's hurting. You only have victory when there's a challenge."