George's Story [35 Feet]


"Life to me now, every day and every moment of it is very precious to me. I say this with my wife right next to me. She is what keeps me going, and I make her mad at me all the time, but that's married life. I get her angry with me because I do some of the stupidest, silliest things, unintentionally. But each and every day I really try and do something that would make her pleased. I don't succeed very well, but I still try. And that is what I say that I urge everyone to think about very seriously. 

Think about the relationship you want to have with yourself, friends, with God, with your spouse and then with the rest of your family. Have good relationships and maintain that sense of God's Word of doing unto others as you would have done to you. It is a simple rule that has so much meaning, and boy oh boy does it ever come to bear on you if you are ever lying around with a hose around you like me that keeps you breathing. That hose is 35 feet long. That is the extent of my world, 35 feet. But oh what a pretty world it is, and it is prettier every time I have friends and family that is inside that 35 feet. That's the meaning of life to me."