Fallon's Story Update "Where Is She Now"

"I got my gastric pacemaker upped again to the highest now, but I am hopeful this one does its job. I got an ultrasound for pain in my left side, and the doctor's didn't find anything!” “Three weeks ago was a great way to start the holidays. I just had back to back procedures and nothing newly negative showed! Being "stable" is awesome! I am also feeling lucky I made it to celebrate my 22nd birthday. Cheers to new adventures in 2016...I am so thankful for a new year!

    I am thrilled to say that I will be graduating with a biology degree in May, 2016. I have been doing research on Parkinson's Disease since August, 2015, which has been a great motivator to finish school and pursue more. Since my first chapter in 7 Billion Ones, I’ve published articles across the internet advocating for awareness of invisible chronic illness, and I starting a book which vaguely relates to life thus far. With graduation around the corner, job hunting had been top on the priority list. To say things are looking up is an understatement. I am at this incredible stage in life where I am happy, content and have accepted myself who for God made me to be and why. Even though I am realistic about life challenges to come, there is nothing that can diminish my genuine love for life and hope for a better tomorrow. Meeting Randy and Shannon with 7BillionOnes was a blessing, not only did I get to participate in this game-changing organization, but also meet two individuals that share their love with me.”