Crystal and Kelly - Chapter 2: "Still In There"


KELLY: "I seriously thought everything was going to be perfect, that we would be the perfect couple. However, one of our biggest struggles was that I had a son before meeting Crystal and after a year and a half of our marriage it was like my son flipped a switch.  He became very unsocial with her, and then with me.  It put a lot of troubles on us, but we worked through it the best we could. 

CRYSTAL: "His son was of the main reasons I fell in love with him. He was four months old at the time and I just saw him taking care of this little baby. So for something so sweet to become a struggle, that was really hard."

The couple didn't just sit back and say "oh, it will work itself out." Kelly and Crystal took marriage counseling classes.

KELLY: "The classes helped me more than they did her because I think a lot of men think they are tough and can get through anything on their own. Well, we can't and classes help you learn how to make smart choices."

Looking back on their marriage, the couple has advice for others considering marriage:

KELLY: "Don't expect it to be perfect. You have to work at your marriage - it's not given to you on a silver plate."

CRYSTAL: "Compromise, and remember why you got together in the first place. Even though it seems like people change over the years, that same person you fell in love with is  still in there."

KELLY: Almost 12 years later, we are better everyday together.