Jennifer "An Indescribable Feeling"

Written by Larissa
Jennifer Miller-017-Edit.jpg

Jennifer knows the impact of sharing your story with the world, and has chosen to share hers so that she can help bring hope, healing, and encouragement to people suffering from an Acoustic Neuroma (a noncancerous tumor on the main nerve leading from the inner ear to the brain). She sent us her incredible story recently and then came in for her photo shoot. Following the honor we had of meeting and photographing Jennifer, she sent us a message that reminded us the importance of sharing your life and journey.

“7 Billion Ones is helping to give me a voice to help make a difference for all of those suffering from an Acoustic Neuroma...that is an indescribable feeling. What you guys are doing for people like me is truly amazing. Thank you again for making me feel so welcomed. I am so excited to see what is to come!” - Jennifer

Jennifer is the founder of ‘Team ANA 417’ a non-profit that exists to raise awareness in the local community for acoustic neuroma research, and "to inspire patients and their families, educate communities, and drive research to find answers for a rare brain tumor."


In Jennifer’s written story, she says, “I wouldn’t change what I went through now because I truly feel this is where I should be. That is why I want to share my story with others; my story is unique and I want others to see that a positive recovery is possible amongst those days when you feel the whole world is against you. I want to help in any way I possibly can, I feel as if it is my job to do so.”

We are inspired by Jennifer’s courage and mission to take what she has gone through, and to bring light to others through the power of storytelling. You can check out Jennifer’s full written story HERE.