"Beauty Grows Out of Darkness"

Abigail Depression You are not alone

I was assisting Randy during a recent photo shoot with Abigail. She walked in our studio, a little nervous and very sweet. During the shoot, Randy asked "Why do you want to tell your story, you could have easily taken the safe route and kept it all to yourself?" The many emotions that swept over Abigail's face combined with tears, gripped our heart-strings. Abigail said, "I am telling my story because I want people to not feel alone. I was an only child and I felt so alone when things happened to me. I want people to know that no matter the struggle you are dealing with, you are not alone; whether you are an only child like me or not, you can always talk to someone and you don't have to hide it away. Things like depression may be hidden, but it doesn't have to be - you don't have to carry the weight of that. And just because it is hidden, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You don't have to feel bad about your depression or other issues. You don't have to pretend it is not there because you think it is ugly - it's there and it's real and it's actually beautiful. Depression is not ugly, it has helped me grow into me."

In essence, this is what 7 Billion Ones is about. By sharing your special story you are no longer bound to your secrets, you can be free. Often this is a first step for many to begin the healing process. Not only do you have the capacity to begin to heal (or finish), but the person receiving the story may as well.

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Look for Abigail's full story in December.