"I Am Not In Control"

Control 7 billion ones randy bacon

"I am not in control. Repeat. I am not in control." Have you ever caught yourself thinking this is certain situation? Ifeel like I tell myself this about a quadtrillion times a day. As humans, why do we feel this need to be in control? Is it because it is easier to deal with stuff when it is nice and tidy in the files of our minds, inundated daily with truck fulls of trappings? Or, is it a way to cope, like the dust under the proverbial rug isn't seen? I don't know the answers, but know most of the people who have submitted their story to 7 Billion Ones have revealed that when you are the most "out of control", only then does the real power set in, the true control. I bet ya we have all been there at some time. I witnessed this as I struggled to watch my son "get comfortable in his bones" as a teen. When I finally "let go", trying to fix and solve everything, it was then that he rose to the top. I found I must allow others to be on their own path, even if it's not the path I would chose for them. When we do this and let others we love be who they truly are without emotional expectations, we can all have the ability to fully grow into the human beings God created us to be. In part, this is the gift and healing freedom of telling our stories. Is it time to tell YOURS? Are you ready to get "out of control?"