"Simple Blessings"

"Portrait of Two Buddies”  

"Portrait of Two Buddies”

A short story from our Founder & Photographer, Randy Bacon:

I can proudly say that Kevin and I have been good buddies now for over eight years. Yet with life, it is way too easy to get caught up in all of the 'to do' list items (especially this time of the year) and then you miss out on simple blessings of the day. I was at the studio last Friday frantically working away at crossing off one task after another and then I heard the doorbell - in walked Kevin, which I had not seen in quite sometime. My first inclination (considering the myriad of things to do) was to merely say hello and get back to the grind, but I heard that small, powerful voice in my heart say, "Slow down and relish these moments". So Kevin and I ate some fried chicken together for lunch and visited about life. We talked about memories, relationships, dreams, keys to living a full life and many more topics. I am glad I listened to my heart and simply stopped for awhile. It revealed to me what is really important about life - it is people you love and sharing life together. Thanks Kevin.

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