Cara "The Opposite of Fail"

Written by Larissa

Cara and her 2 kids Cameron and Zeke shared part of their story on 7 Billion Ones recently, and their lives were impacted by the feedback from sharing their story, the portrait images from their photo shoot, and the love and encouragement from the 7 Billion Ones community in response. We have experienced how empowering it is when you share your life with people through storytelling and photography... the way it creates this lasting ripple effect in your own life, the people in your community, and people on the other side of the world. Here are some of Cara’s words following her photo shoot...

“There’s some days when I go through what I call a “relapse”. And I bet a lot of domestic violence survivors go through something similar. I just can’t handle life outside of my home. People send me into feels heavier and more raw than a normal day.

And on that Saturday, when you sent me the images from our photo shoot...I was having one of the worst relapse days I’d had in YEARS. My daughter made everyone’s meals. She did our laundry. She handled her brother. I just failed at everything that day. Then I woke up. And I got these pictures. And every single one of them showed me how incredible my kids are. And how beautiful. And strong. And how I did the opposite of fail when I had them.

So, thank you for what you did for me. And for them. Thank you SO much for those pictures. And for sending them at the exact right moment.”

Thulin Family-006.jpg

We are honored to have these 3 as an important part of this people-centered story movement and the 7 Billion Ones family. You can read Cameron & Zeke’s story here.

Cameron and Zeke spreading the movement and love in their 7 Billion Ones t-shirts.