"Hope Over Fear" -- Behind The Scenes

Written by Larissa
Image by Larissa

Image by Larissa

How do you get out of bed each day, go out into the world and believe that there is still hope, that God is still good, that life is still beautiful...when you’ve endured such great loss? Cindy still misses her boys every day, her love for them still strong...but she is choosing hope over fear and is determined to be a light for others who are struggling with loss and grief.

Cindy, we are in awe of the way you are honoring your boy’s lives and living as a beacon of hope for others.

During her shoot, Cindy’s story tugged at our hearts and brought tears to our eyes...my heart ached, watching as she held tightly to each photo of her grown sons in each arm that have since passed away, just as she must have once held each of them in her arms when they were only babies.

Cindy is taking the brave and healing step in sharing her story, so that she can be a part of bringing hope and healing to people who are also hurting, to people who have lost loved ones...bringing hope and healing to herself in the process too. We are honored to welcome Cindy into the 7 Billion Ones family, and honored to share Cindy’s story on 7 Billion Ones, coming soon.