"We Will Forever Be Grateful"

Founder Randy Bacon

Founder Randy Bacon

Last week at the studio, we received a card overflowing with love and encouraging words that absolutely just punched us in the heart and left us wrecked. I was able to meet this wonderful family recently in Kansas City during their photoshoot as a part of sharing their story through 7 Billion Ones. When we start to feel the pressure and heartbreak that can occur when being a part of such an impactful movement, or things get busy and we start to lose focus on the core of who we are and what we do, a reminder as loving as Kelly’s letter is exactly what refuels our hearts and reminds us the power of sharing stories and bringing hope to people all over the world. YOU (the readers, storytellers & fans alike) are the heartbeat of this movement, and YOU help us create that change and cycle of healing in the world. Thank you Kelly for expressing the impact of story sharing and how it changes you. <3

“Dear Randy, Thank you so much for inviting my family to be a part of your 7 Billion Ones stories. It was healing for both Aaron and I to put our short version on paper and spend time reflecting on how far we have come. Your vision with this project is something I support with my whole being… it is something I taught relentlessly to my young students, hoping they would make a positive change in the world by noticing, acknowledging and listening to others’ stories. Your team was simple amazing with out family. You all put us to ease and showed great patience and grace. We are so honored and humbled to be a part of such a brilliant project. We will forever be grateful."