Amy's Story "Where Is She Now"

Cancer survivor

Amy shared her tremendous story earlier this year. She says, "They gave me three months to live and that was 23 years ago." This simple sentence is profound and powerful and carries a message filled with hope. It struck a nerve with people resulting in over 3,000 likes, comments, clicks and shares, and reached almost 20,000 people on social media. "December 15, 2015, marks 23 years to the exact date of my last chemo treatment! I find myself breaking new ground every December! 7 Billion Ones, I cannot say thank you enough! Sharing my story has truly been an amazing gift to me. I have always wanted to share my story but I really didn't understand fully the impact it could have. I hear from people almost every day, some I know and some I do not, about how moved they were by the story. I want to share more through your project. I want to be involved beyond my own story. I am overwhelmed with gratitude! I want to do a next chapter and a next. It's interesting the idea of feeling like your life hasn't amounted to much matched with the challenge of so much to say. I will begin to write!" This is just one more example of why we do this thing called 7 Billion Ones! 

If you have not read Amy's full story read her story above.