"Why Start 7 Billion Ones?"

7 Billion One's started as a conviction in the hearts of Randy and Shannon Bacon. Having traveled from coast-to-coast in America and literally around the globe with their photography and filmmaking business, they experienced firsthand people across the world and discovered a unifying human characteristic -- a deep and wide need to feel our life matters and we have a story that counts. From Uganda to El Salvador to India to Estonia and many, many more, they found a powerful truth -- individuals of every race, age, religion and social status want to share the story of what makes them--them.

Randy and Shannon both have had a passion for bringing light to others, and they are essentially doing what they have always done. The only difference is--now you get to experience it where ever you are!

One of Randy's main focuses in his cinematography and portrait photography has always been the impact of visual storytelling. As he has documents the countless lives, it is amazing to see how people actually want to open up and share their most personal--sometimes heartbreaking--stories. Over time, Randy and Shannon have had hundreds--even thousands--of individuals open up to them and share their stories. They started to realize that these life-changing experiences and realizations needed a place to live on their own.   With this, 7 Billion Ones was born.

We deeply believe that every story, every individual, every life counts equally. We hope you agree.