So you want to get involved?  Well, good because we need you.

Here are some simple ways that you can help us succeed in our mission to help individuals and humanitarian groups tell their stories:

1. Tell your own story
We need people who have lived life to tell us their stories. We weren’t put on this planet alone, and nobody was meant to do life without a community. Your story benefits the greater community by giving insight into the lessons you’ve learned and showing others how they can face their own battles.

2. Become an advocate for 7 Billion Ones
We are interested in deeply committed individuals to help us pursue the “you matter” movement. We call it "The Billionaire's Club". For 7 Billion Ones to reach as many lives as possible, we need advocates - passionate people that want to go with us on this journey to changes lives and the world. If 7 Billion Ones is singing your heart-song, and you want to help us further this mission, contact us HERE and tell us why you want to be a member of "The Billionaire's Club". We will get back with you on ways you can be involved.

3. Become an advocate for a humanitarian organization
Do you know of a nonprofit or humanitarian organization who could use some help telling their story? Maybe it is your own, or maybe it is one you’ve admired for some time. Whether this entity focuses on orphan care, water wells, human trafficking, alleviating poverty, AIDS relief, encouraging those with Alzheimer’s and on and on, we help companies with people-centered missions, as our mission is also people-centered..

To visit with us about getting involved, contact us HERE